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In recording studios and control rooms, good acoustics are paramount. If the studio or control room doesn’t sound good, it’s almost impossible to judge the quality of vocal and instrumental recordings. A shifting stereo image, which can be caused by reflections in the room, makes it hard to make mixing decisions like the panning of various tracks. For the acoustic treatment of a studio, three things are essential: Preventing first reflections, eliminating room modes and reducing reverberation. We offer various solutions for the acoustic optimization of your studio. The most important acoustic aids for installation in studio rooms are so-called porous absorbers, bass traps and diffusors. They help to achieve a drier sound, which lets you judge recordings and mix without the influence of imperfect room acoustics.


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More Acoustic Elements


Our absorbers are designed to reduce reverberation, absorb reflections and control standing waves (room modes). Here, you’ll find everything you need to know about our absorbers.
Our diffusors disperse reflections and eliminate flutter echoes, resonances and comb filter effects. Here, you’ll find everything you need to know about our diffusors.
Our bass traps are designed to optimize the low frequency range in recording studios, home cinema setups and rehearsal rooms. Here, you’ll find everything you need to know about our bass traps.
From drum shields and vocal booths to isolation pads and mic screens: Here, you’ll find a wide variety of products that can help to improve your acoustics and your sound.

User Stories

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ACOUSTIC TREATMENT – How to Build a Home Studio

Chris Hermsdörfer is the guitarist and producer of the symphonic metal band Beyond The Black. To improve the acoustics in his new home studio, he used our Producer Set S Professionell, consisting of absorbers, bass traps, and diffusors. In the video, he shows you the process step by step.

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The brand new home studio of Martin Miller step by step

Martin Miller shows you the complete transformation of his home studio. For the acoustics, he used our Producer Set S Basic, consisting of absorbers, bass traps, and diffusors.

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Building a recording studio – The new SINEE Studio!

How does it work, from a reverberant, empty room to a professional audio studio? Björn Torwellen and Thorge from SINEE show you with the t.akustik Producer Set M Premium.

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How to set up a studio for film music composing

Andrej Melita is a German film composer and musician. Andrej shows you how he equips and optimizes his studio in Munich with the Producer Set S Premium.

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YASSIN's reference studio for Hip-Hop and Rap!

Yassin is a German rapper and producer. He gained recognition primarily with the duo “Audio88 & Yassin”. In 2019 he released his first solo album “Ypsilon”. In the video, we follow Yassin during the studio rebuild of his new reference studio for hip hop and rap productions.

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Room treatment for piano recordings!

Clemens Christian Poetzsch is a pianist and composer from Leipzig, Germany. In this video, he shows you how he has acoustically optimized his home studio for piano recording and composing. He used our Producer Roomset S Advanced.

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Studio acoustics in just three steps!

NOVAA is the alias of Antonia Rug, a German electropop singer, songwriter, and producer from Berlin. Several singles and EPs were followed by her critically acclaimed self-titled debut album in 2019. Antonia shows you how she acoustically outfitted her studio in just three steps.

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User Story Josi & Stefan

Josi Miller and Stefan Heinrich are two producers and DJs from Berlin. In their home studio, they produce for their joint project Import-Export, among others. In their user story they show you how they equip and optimize their home studio with the t.akustik Producer Set M Basic.

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New reference TECHNO Studio by Florian Meindl!

Florian Meindl is a multi-talented artist known for his technical prowess. Producing music for over 20 years, Florian has become a respected figure in the industry. Check out how his new studio in Berlin was acoustically equipped.

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How to set up a professional audio space?

We equipped a professional audio control room at Opposition Studios in Bonn, Germany with our Producer Roomset S Professional.

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Acoustics in a historically protected building?

Producer Till Zock shows you how he installs and uses the t.akustik Producer Set S Premium. The problem: The building is partially historically protected.

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Set up a perfect producer home studio!

Gizem Adiyaman and her boyfriend Sam, two DJs from Berlin, show you how they equip their home studio with our Producer Set S Advanced and optimize it sonically.

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User Story Raffi Balboa

Producer and musician Raffi Balboa from German band OK KID shows you how to install the Producer Room Set M advanced! Follow Raffi Balboa as he sets up and optimizes the sound of his new studio in Cologne with the help of our new all-in-one acoustic upgrade package!