Theory &  Knowledge


Our knowledge section is a resource for our customers on acoustics and their implications for room optimization. Whether you’re a musician, producer or home cinema owner, dealing with acoustic issues can be overwhelming at first. In the knowledge section, we shed some light on the topic of room acoustics and explain complicated issues in a simple, easy-to-understand way, in order to make your purchase decision easier.

Sound and sound reflections

Early reflections (ER) are an acoustic problem that’s especially relevant in the control room. Because they take a “detour” via the side or rear walls, these reflections reach the ears with a slight delay. read more

Studio monitors

For the most part, the speakers used in music production are different from the ones used for pleasure listening. Studio monitors have certain characteristics that differ from their hi-fi counterparts. read more


The reverberation time in a room is an important criteria for its sound. Generally speaking, the larger the room and the more reflective its surfaces, the longer it takes for the reverberation to decay. read more

Flutter echoes

You probably know the staggered series of echoes that occur when you clap your hands in a small, empty room. That’s an example of flutter echoes. read more

Frequency ranges

The frequencies that we can hear can be divided into several frequency bands. Everyone has heard the terms bass, mids and treble (highs). Sound consists of oscillating waves that propagate through the air. read more

Comb filter effects

Comb filtering can be heard and measured with spectral meters. The frequency curve has “dips” at regular intervals, which look like a comb. read more


In addition to special, resonant designs, acoustic room treatment relies heavily on so-called porous absorbers. read more

Good acoustics in the office

Noise is the most frequently mentioned disruptive factor among office workers. Excessive noise levels can adversely affect concentration, efficiency, and health. read more

Acoustic treatment in offices

Spread-out office lofts in former factory buildings can become challenges while planning the room acoustics for office workplaces. In the case of newly constructed buildings, it’s best to consider the acoustics at an early stage during planning. read more


PET Ceiling Absorber 180 WH

1800 mm x 1200 mm x 50 mm, white

Green Screen Absorber Wall

1920 mm x 1600 mm x 100mm, green / grey

Desktop Absorber 120

1200 mm x 600 mm x 580 mm, grey

Iso-Pad 5

170 x 40 x 300 mm, anthracite