Office spaces are often designed with a focus on aesthetics. However, many open-plan offices, coworking spaces, and single-person offices have less-than-ideal room acoustics. To enable successful working environments and improve concentration and productivity, it’s essential to ensure good acoustics and a sufficient degree of soundproofing. Conversations and other background noises shouldn’t get in the way of phone calls and conferences. There’s a reason why regulations and guidelines exist with regard to acoustics and noise levels in the workplace!

Reflections from the walls of office spaces can lead to sound colouration, which can reduce intelligibility and increase stress levels. These problems can be addressed with the appropriate acoustic measures. Acoustic barriers, ceiling absorbers and other acoustic modules help to optimise the room acoustics in your office space. We’ve put together a selection of complete acoustic kits tailored to the workplace. They not only help to improve the acoustics, but are also visually appealing!


Configure the perfect acoustic set for your single-person or group office based on the number of workstations.

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Pleasant room acoustics at every desk

Large, reflective surfaces are often the culprit if a room has unfavourable acoustics. Since most offices have a lot of those, all of our acoustic sets include wall absorbers. These modules are attached to the office walls and “swallow” sound, which would otherwise continue to build up in the room. Our absorbers have proven themselves in countless recording studios, rehearsal spaces, and home cinemas. Constructed from flame-retardant PET, they’re optimised for the frequency ranges of the human voice and typical office noises such as printers, keyboard clatter and mouse clicks.

Ceilings can also cause annoying reflections, so it’s necessary to dampen these surfaces, too. That’s why ceiling absorbers are an important component of our acoustic sets for offices. They’re suspended from the ceiling above the workstations and are easy to install and adjust. They contribute greatly to improving the room acoustics in your office space.

Acoustic solutions for two-person offices

If more than one person uses an office, they should be separated acoustically to enable an undisturbed working environment. This is where our special table absorbers come into play. While preventing sound propagation from desk to desk, they also provide privacy without being too obtrusive.

Because no two workplaces are the same, they can be adapted to a wide variety of desk configurations. In addition to the included PET feet, various mounting systems are available for attaching them to the desk. All of our PET absorbers are available in black, grey, and white.

Scalable room acoustics for open-plan offices

We offer complete acoustic sets for typical groups of four, which can be expanded as required. These enable the acoustic optimisation of even the largest office lofts, without interfering with the open atmosphere of the rooms. The sets can be expanded and customised with additional acoustic barriers or wall absorbers.

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