Control Room Optimization

In the studio, immaculate acoustics are paramount. You’re looking for a combination of high-quality speakers and the right acoustic treatment for the room. However, many underestimate the importance of correct speaker placement. Here are a few simple tips:

The loudspeakers and the listening position should form an isosceles triangle

This means that the distance between the speakers equals the distance between you and each speaker. The acoustic axes of the speakers are aimed at your ears.

Observe the correct distance from the wall

The distance between the speakers and the wall determines the bass response. If the bass sounds boomy or too thin, an incorrect distance from the wall is often the cause.

Side-to-side symmetry

The left and right side walls should be at about the same distance from your listening position. It’s best to sit approximately in the middle, in order to prevent unwanted distortions of the stereo image due to differences in runtime.

One third/two thirds rule

Room modes can negatively affect the sound of a room. They’re the most balanced at 1/3 of the total depth of the room. This is why your listening position should be located at 1/3 of the room depth from either the front or back walls (the latter of which corresponds to 2/3 from the front).

The aforementioned rule also applies vertically. Loudspeaker stands with a height adjustment and tilting carrier plate are a great way to adjust your speaker positions vertically. If the speakers are placed higher than your ears, they need to be angled down, so that their acoustic axes point at your ears.

Trust is good, control is better

You can check the frequency response of your speakers for linearity using an inexpensive measuring microphone and software, some of which is free. This is a great way to see the acoustic effects of different speaker placements. It allows you to systematically search for the best position for your speakers.


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Building a recording studio – The new SINEE Studio!

How does it work, from a reverberant, empty room to a professional audio studio? Björn Torwellen and Thorge from SINEE show you with the t.akustik Producer Set M Premium.

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User Story Florian Meindl

Florian Meindl is a multi-talented artist known for his technical prowess. Producing music for over 20 years, Florian has become a respected figure in the industry. Check out how his new studio in Berlin was acoustically equipped.

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User Story Opposition Studios

We equipped a professional audio regie at Opposition Studios in Bonn, Germany with our Producer Roomset S Professional.

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User Story Raffi Balboa

Producer and musician Raffi Balboa from German band OK KID shows you how to install the Producer Room Set M advanced! Follow Raffi Balboa as he sets up and optimizes the sound of his new studio in Cologne with the help of our new all-in-one acoustic upgrade package!

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User Story Josi & Stefan

Josi Miller and Stefan Heinrich are two producers and DJs from Berlin. In their home studio, they produce for their joint project Import-Export, among others. In their user story they show you how they equip and optimize their home studio with the t.akustik Producer Set M Basic.

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User Story Till Zock

Producer Till Zock shows you how he installs and uses the t.akustik Producer Set S Premium. The problem: The building is partially historically protected.

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User Story Gizem & Sam

Gizem Adiyaman and her boyfriend Sam, two DJs from Berlin, show you how they equip their home studio with our Producer Set S Advanced and optimize it sonically.


PET Ceiling Absorber 180 WH

1800 mm x 1200 mm x 50 mm, white,
2.490,00 SEK


Green Screen Absorber Wall

1920 mm x 1600 mm x 100mm, green / grey,
5.799,00 SEK

Desktop Absorber 120

1200 mm x 600 mm x 580 mm, grey,
1.555,00 SEK

Iso-Pad 5

170 x 40 x 300 mm, anthracite,
169,00 SEK

Also interesting

WAS-7 Melamine GR

600 x 600 x 70 mm, grey,
1.585,00 SEK

Spektrum D20 Diffusor

600 x 600 x 100 mm, wood,
1.555,00 SEK


370 x 370 x 370 mm, grey,
739,00 SEK

Mobile Wall

600 x 600 x 78 mm, grey,
1.111,00 SEK

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