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Improving the acoustics of a rehearsal room does not have to be difficult! We teamed up with rock-pop band, Kleeberg, to help them optimise their space.

The problem: Kleeberg’s long, untreated rehearsal room with a low ceiling meant reflections and reverberation was too long and uncontrolled not only making it difficult to hear music or speech clearly but made it a sonically uncomfortable space to rehearse in.

Using the t.akustik treatment we’ll show you how Kleeberg quickly and simply created a professional sounding room and how you can easily transfer their approach to your own room!

Band member Benjamin Haupt invited us to their rehearsal space in Lower Franconia where we heard the problems firsthand – the large, tubular room reverberated too much, uncontrolled reflections smeared any detail in the audio and the volume quickly becomes too high. Too effectively address these issues we chose the t.akustik Producer Set L Basic as the best solution.

First we had to get the treatment into the room! Thanks to a conveniently placed window (and a forklift truck) we got them in and started unpacking right away. Being made of EPS and polyurethane soft foam the treatment is light enough there were no problems quickly unboxing and preparing the panels right away.

untreated long rehearsal room without t.akustik
t.akustik getting treatment


Band Kleeberg
Band member Benjamin Haupt invited us to their rehearsal space in Lower Franconia.
t.akustik installing
t.akustik installing

The Producer Set L Basic bundle includes eight WDS-7 GR diffusers which disperse high frequencies, eight WAS-7 absorbers and sixteen CBT-37 corner bass traps to absorb mid and bass frequencies. We even include enough Contact Glue and applicator gun to secure all included panels to walls and ceilings.

Starting with the corner bass traps, the band make short work installing them into the corners. The included glue and applicator gun means all sixteen bass traps are in place in no time and immediately do their job absorbing those tricky low frequencies.

Still armed with the glue and applicator Kleeberg mount the EPS diffusers to the ceiling where they blend seamlessly, with their elegant anthracite finish, into the industrial-style rehearsal room. The specially engineered, non-uniform design allow the diffusers to provide effective, evenly dispersed reflectional behaviour. Proper use of the WDS-7 diffusers can even give the impression of a larger space, particularly useful for spaces with low ceilings!

Finally Ben and the team install the last of the absorbers to the walls. Thanks to their flexible design the panels can be combined in a number of ways providing a variety of visual patterns, whilst making a room sound great! The WAS-7 absorbers are made from light polyurethane soft foam in a neutral grey finish and provide optimal absorption from 800Hz.

Done! After just 6 hours all treatment is in place and the acoustics have improved drastically. Thanks to effective absorption and diffusion, disruptive reverberation and unwanted reflections are no longer an issue and Kleeberg can rehearse and hear one another clearly.

The t.akustik Producer Set L Basic at a glance:

  • for rooms from 35 to 45 m²
  • Ideal for home and recording studios, music producers, DJs, gaming and video applications
  • Increases room acoustic performance
  • Improves reverberation time
  • Combination of diffuse scattering and absorption
  • Attenuates of early reflections

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